Autumn Colours

Okay – Post No.2 – I’m trying out a new theme ……..

It’s a brilliant, sparkling autumn day in Sydney.  We’ve been having unseasonably warm weather this month, but I’m not complaining.  The days have been cool to start, warming up to a lovely sunny midday and then cooling again to a mild evening.

I wanted to celebrate the last of the colour in my garden.


Isn’t the pure purpleness of the Tibouchina just gorgeous!!

Sweet Intoxication

This is a rose called Sweet Intoxication.  It really lives up to it’s name – the perfume is sweet and rich and reminiscent of turkish delight.


I’m hoping these pansies/violas will stay around and continue to brighten my courtyard when winter sets in.

Iceberg rose

Nothing beats the beauty of a white Iceberg rose!!

Arum lily

Although, the perfection of this Arum Lily comes close ….


If only this lovely Camellia flower lasted longer before fading ….


More Camellias …


Love the vibrancy of  the colours of the Kumquats!!

Rosemary flowers

Even the Rosemary is beautiful !!


But, alas, this is the future … soon the garden will be covered in the fallen leaves of the neighbouring Liquid Amber tree.

Do you love flowers or foliage in your garden?



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Ramblings about life, food and things that make me happy!! I'm a mom with a lovely son, a loving husband and a happy life and I wanted to share that with you. I work part-time and try to keep up with a busy life the rest of the time.
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