Chookie chooks …

I have been converted!! A year ago, if you’d asked me about backyard chooks I would have laughed and said that it was not for me. But, then we started the veggie garden and I’ve slowly started to come around to the idea of simple, sustainable living … growing and making food from scratch, being mindful of the creation of waste, rejecting rampant consumerism.  This is an exciting journey that I find I satisfying and fulfilling.

The chickens are part of that journey.  I started toying with the idea of backyard chickens about the middle of last year, but Paul wasn’t convinced.  Then we went on a trip to New Zealand and stayed at a wonderful cottage on an eco property.  The owner and Paul discussed veggie gardening (we’d just constructed the raised garden beds) and chickens. When we got back from NZ, Paul was more open to having chickens.

It took a bit of planning, but he put together a wonderful chook house and run.  It was finally complete and ready for chickens just after Christmas.


They love their chook house and chook run.

We had to wait till the first weekend in January to get the chickens, but since then we have had so much pleasure watching them.  We got 3 Isa Browns, 2 black Australorps and 1 white Australorp.


Getting along a little better now …

The Isa Browns are bullies. They really didn’t like the little white Australorp and pecked her mercilessly for the first few days.  The black Australorps, despite being younger than the white one, protected her from the bullies.  Things settled down after about 3 days, but the Isa Browns are definitely at the top of the pecking order.

We think that 2 of the Isa Browns have started laying eggs … we are getting at least one egg a day, but mostly two.  I can’t wait for the others to start laying.  The eggs are so flavoursome – much more so than store bought eggs. And they are a dream to poach because they are so fresh.


Fresh eggs are the best!!

How do you feel about backyard chooks? Would you try it?


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Ramblings about life, food and things that make me happy!! I'm a mom with a lovely son, a loving husband and a happy life and I wanted to share that with you. I work part-time and try to keep up with a busy life the rest of the time.
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